I am Addicted to Non-Intelligent Loans

Smart loans, if you have not heard of it, have thought of that phrase sometime. There has been the phrase “the stupid gets caught”, you have to see with the lack of intelligence, let us think that the intelligence is more easily reflected in case studies, but the truth that is reflected in any action and decision we make , and They are including the economy.

A very common case, to illustrate, are the youngest brothers who have received their weekly allowances for spending, which is likely to be translated into buying sweets, and some other people. One of them, he will receive in the head and immediately go to spend it, although it is a money that should be administered for the week if it spends less than an hour; The other does not decide to save and make scheduled daily expenses.

The week-end of the boy who spent his immediate morning allowance began to observe that his brother eats every day, so inevitably that too, the problem is that he spent all his money and the day he received his allowance and no income. how to buy The solution that is found is to request a request from your brother.

For the next week they both receive money, they do not cancel their loan, now they have less capital to buy and repeat the same thing, so they are again obligated to request a loan. This cycle repeats for several weeks. This is no addiction to those who are not intelligent.

This example explains the clarity of the behavior of many adults, who in the long run care about addicts who are not intelligent because they do not manage their expenses well and give them proper priority.


Smart loans

Smart loans

An intelligent test is the one that we perform for the execution of a sumptuous expense, and to decide, a spending without investment, without planning.

It is the expenses we have to make for the purchase of fashion shoes, outings with friends for travels for purposes, electronic gadgets that do not always end up in the storage room, treats that override our presupposition.
Generalizing the sound we have done to satisfy our desire for consumption.


How do you know if I am an addict to the intelligent?

personal loan

If you constantly repeat the phrase and I just want to before you spend, and you fall without presupposing before the end, and you have an alert, if you presuppose will oblige you to consult a friend, priest, couple, someone nearby, the possibility of money for covering your expenses.

These are an excellent option for economic growth, but if we hack the light and responsibility, it can have a serious impact on our finances.


Tips For Taking Smart Loans

Smart Loans

  • Performing a Financial Diagnosis: This is a very serious exercise, as well as completing a detailed analysis of your expenses, and discriminating them by priority, determining how much your living expenses and expenses are spent.
  • Analyze your finances: Once your diagnosis has been made, it determines whether your expenses are overpaid, which costs can be eliminated, and how much would be your prospect for a better or an inversion.
  • Brings programmed goals: There is a difference between bringing a goal and programming a goal, the first is a straight line to fulfill, the second is a systematic straight line to fulfill, and then there is a detailed planning of how to achieve it.
  • Request an intelligent preview: Direct to a financial entity, and apply for a credit for a purchase of a villa, vehicle, investment in your business, purchase to equip your home. Just a financial advisor, he will accompany you in the responsible planning of the payment of your quota, and will tell you if you qualify him for a predicament, but if not, you will financially advise him, such as the case.